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Using keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts start commonly used progeCAD commands. To customize function keys, use the Keyboard tab of the Customize dialog box.

Keyboard shortcuts

Command Typed entry Shortcut Description
Coordinate COORDINATE F6, Ctrl+D Switches coordinate display between On, Off, and Angle/Distance.
Copy to Clipboard COPYCLIP Ctrl+C Copies selected entities to the Windows clipboard.
Cut to Clipboard CUTCLIP Ctrl+X Cuts selected entities from the active drawing and copies them into the Windows clipboard.
Delete DELETE Del Removes the selected entities.
Entity Snap ESNAP F3 Turns entity snaps on and off.
Exit EXIT Alt+F4 Closes all drawings and exits progeCAD.
Grid GRID F7 Turns the reference grid on and off.
Help HELP F1 Starts online Help.
Isometric Plane ISOPLANE F5, Ctrl+E Switches the isometric plane between Top, Right, and Left.
New Drawing NEW Ctrl+N Creates a new, blank drawing.
Open Drawing OPEN Ctrl+O Displays the Open Drawing dialog box so you can open another drawing.
Orthogonal ORTHOGONAL F8 Switches the orthogonal mode on and off.
Pan PAN down Down Arrow Pans the drawing window view down by one unit.
  PAN left Left Arrow Pans the drawing window view left by one unit.
  PAN PGDown Page Down, Shift+Down Arrow Pans the drawing window view down by one screen.
  PAN PGLeft Shift+Left Arrow Pans the drawing window view left by one screen.
  PAN PGRight Shift+Right Arrow Pans the drawing window view right by one screen.
  PAN PGUp Page Up, Shift+Up Arrow Pans the drawing window view up by one screen.
  PAN Right Right Arrow Pans the drawing window view right by one unit.
  PAN Up Up Arrow Pans the drawing window view up by one unit.
Paste from Clipboard PASTECLIP Ctrl+V Pastes the contents of the Windows clipboard into the active drawing.
Prompt History Window PMTHIST F2 Turns the Prompt History window on and off.
Print PRINT Ctrl+P Prints the active drawing.
Quick Save QSAVE Ctrl+S Saves the active drawing.
Redo REDO Ctrl+Y Reverses the action of the last Undo.
Select All SELGRIPS Ctrl+A Selects all entities in a drawing.
Snap SNAP F9 Turns snap settings on and off.
Status Bar STATBAR F10 Turns the status bar on and off.
Undo U Ctrl+Z Reverses the last command action.
VBA Editor VBA Alt+F11 Opens the Visual Basic for Applications editor so that you can create or modify a VBA macro.
Window Close WCLOSE Ctrl+F4 Closes the active drawing window.

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