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Using additional progeCAD commands

Although you can use the AutoCAD command structure with progeCAD, the program has its own set of commands. progeCAD has numerous command names not found in AutoCAD, although many of these commands have an equivalent function in AutoCAD. When you type the AutoCAD equivalent, the progeCAD alias system activates the correct command.

For example, the AutoCAD offset command is mapped to the progeCAD parallel command. You can type either offset or parallel in the command bar, or you can choose Modify > Parallel.

The following table lists optional progeCAD command names that you can use in place of AutoCAD command names to perform the equivalent AutoCAD function.

Command differences in progeCAD

progeCAD AutoCAD 2007 command AutoCAD 2000/R14 command Action in progeCAD
audionote No equivalent No equivalent Creates and plays audio notes.
cmdbar No equivalent No equivalent Positions the command window.
coordinate Ctrl+D or F6 Ctrl+D or F6 Changes the display of coordinates on the status line.
copyedata No equivalent No equivalent Copies extended entity data from one entity to another.
customize toolbar toolbar Displays the Customize dialog box.
deledata No equivalent No equivalent Deletes extended entity data from an entity.
delete erase erase Removes entities from the drawing.
dimension dim dim Switches to dimension mode.
editedata No equivalent No equivalent Edits extended entity data found in an entity.
editlen lengthen lengthen Changes the length of open entities.
editpline pedit pedit Edits polylines and polymeshes.
entprop ddmodify and ddchprop ddmodify and ddchprop Displays the Entity Properties prompt box.
esnap -osnap -osnap Sets entity snaps from the command line.
expblocks ddinsert ddinsert Displays the progeCAD Explorer - Blocks.
expdimstyles ddim ddim Displays the progeCAD Explorer - Dimension Styles.
expfonts style style Displays the progeCAD Explorer - Styles.
explayers layer layer Displays the progeCAD Explorer - Layers.
explorer ddrename ddrename Displays the progeCAD Explorer.
expltypes linetype linetype Displays the progeCAD Explorer - Linetypes.
expucs dducs dducs Displays the progeCAD Explorer - UCS.
expviews ddview ddview Displays the progeCAD Explorer - Views.
face 3dface 3dface Draws three-dimensional faces with three or four vertices.
flatten No equivalent No equivalent Sets thickness to zero at user- specified elevation.
font -style -style Displays the Text Style dialog box.
freehand sketch sketch Allows freehand sketching.
idpoint id id Returns the x-, y-, and z-coordinates of a picked point.
infline xline xline Draws a line of infinite length.
join pedit join pedit join Joins lines and arcs.
mesh 3dmesh 3dmesh Draws a surface mesh.
moveedata No equivalent No equivalent Moves extended entity data from one entity to another.
msnapshot mslide mslide Makes an SLD, EMF, or WMF file of the current view.
orthogonal ortho ortho Toggles orthogonal mode.
parallel offset offset Copies an entity by a parallel offset distance.
plane solid solid Draws a two-dimensional solid plane.
pmthist F2 F2 Switches between the Prompt History window and the graphics screen.
polyline pline pline Draws a polyline.
ppreview preview preview Previews the print.
print plot plot Prints the drawing.
printstyle plotstyle plotstyle (not applicable before AutoCAD 2000) Assigns a print style.
psetup No equivalent No equivalent Displays the Print Setup dialog box.
qprint No equivalent No equivalent Quickly prints the current viewport (window) with no options.
reassocapp No equivalent No equivalent Reassociates extended entity data with an application.
recscript No equivalent No equivalent Starts the Script Recorder.
rtrot 3Dorbit No equivalent Rotates the view of entities.
rtrotx No equivalent No equivalent Rotates the view of entities while maintaining the x-axis.
rtroty No equivalent No equivalent Rotates the view of entities while maintaining the x-axis.
rtrotz 3Dorbit No equivalent Rotates the view of entities while maintaining the x-axis.
saveall No equivalent No equivalent Saves all currently open drawings.
setcolor ddcolor ddcolor Displays the Color dialog box.
setdim ddim ddim Displays the Dimension Settings dialog box.
setesnap osnap osnap Displays the Drawing Settings dialog box with the Coordinate Input tab displayed.
setlayer ai_molc ai_molc Sets the current layer based on the selected entity's layer.
settings No equivalent No equivalent Displays the Drawing Settings dialog box.
setucs dducs dducs Displays the User Coordinate Systems dialog box.
setvpoint No equivalent No equivalent Displays the Preset Viewpoints dialog box.
stopscript No equivalent No equivalent Stops running the script.
tipofday No equivalent No equivalent Displays the Tip of the Day.
undelete oops oops Restores the last deleted entity.
vba vbaide vbaide Opens the Visual Basic Applications editor.
vbaload vbaload vbaload Displays the VBA Add-In Manager dialog box.
vbarun vbarun vbarun Runs a VBA application.
vbaunload vbaunload vbaunload Displays the VBA Add-In Manager dialog box.
viewctl ddvpoint ddvpoint Sets the three-dimensional viewing direction via an interactive dialog box.
viewpoint vpoint vpoint Sets the three-dimensional viewing direction via the command line.
vsnapshot vslide vslide Displays an SLD, EMF, or WMF file in the current viewport.

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