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int sds_ssget (const char *mode, const void *point1, const void *point2, const struct sds_resbuf *filter, sds_name setname);

Make a new set of objects, based on this.

This function gets a whole new selection set of objects, using the specified selection method and is limited by a filter.

The mode argument specifies the object selection method:

Mode Meaning Points
NULL (none) Single pick point point1
"C" Crossing point1 point2
"CC" Crossing Circle point1 point2
"CP" Crossing Polygon points-list
"F" Fence points-list
"I" Implied none
"L" Last none
"O" Outside points-list
"OC" Outside Circle point1 point2
"OP" Outside Polygon points-list
"P" Previous none
"PO" POint point1
"W" Window point1 point2
"WC" Window Circle point1 point2
"WP" Window Polygon points-list
"X" All none


  • The "I" mode creates an "implied" selection set of objects selected while system variable PICKFIRST is on.
  • The "PO" mode selects all closed objects covering the specified point.
  • The point1 (and many times point2) argument specifies the pick point for the selection mode, as noted in the table above.

The filter argument is a list that specifies object properties in dotted pair format, such as selecting all circles colored red (color 1). In addition, the special dotted-pair of -4 lets you include a relational test, which selects all red circles less than 15 units in radius. The operators recognized by progeCAD are:

Operator Meaning
"=" Equals.
"!=" Not equal to.
"/=" Not equal to.
"<>" Not equal to.
"<" Less than.
"<=" Less than or equal to.
">" Greater than.
">=" Greater than or equal to.
"*" All.

The following are not used with real numbers:

    • "&" Bitwise AND (integers only).
    • "&=" Bitwise masked equals (integers only).
    • The "*" operator is the only that can be used with strings.

The setname argument holds the resulting selection set.


  • The current object snap setting is ignored by the sds_ssget function.
  • When the selection set is used in model space, paper space objects are not selected, and vice versa: objects from the drawing space not currently in effect are filtered out.

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