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int sds_entmod (const struct sds_resbuf *entity-list);

Modify an object in this drawing.

This function modifies the information for an object already existing in the drawing database. You may have made changes to the object list that you retrieved using sds_entmod writes the changed list permanently into the database.

This function updates the display of the modified object, unless it is a sub-entity (such as part of a block or polyline). For a sub-entity, use the sds_entupd function or Regen command to force a redisplay the object on the screen.

The argument entity-list represents a linked list of result buffers in the same form as that returned by sds_entget. Note that sds_entmod cannot change the object's type or handle.

Text style names, linetype names, shape names, and block names must be already defined in the drawing before your pass the entity list to sds_entmod; layer names are the exception. The list must not include the name of a handle.

This function returns RTNORM or RTREJ, with the reason code in system variable ERRNO.


  • To restore the default color or linetype to an object, set the color to 256 and the linetype to BYLAYER.
  • The following objects cannot be modified: viewports, xrefs, xdefs, and xdeps.
  • The following symbol table entries cannot be modified and/or renamed:

Table Name Entry
LAYER All, except extended entity data.

These can be modified but not renamed:

Table Name Entry


struct sds_resbuf *templist;

sds_entlast(entname); //Get the name of the last object drawn.

entlist=sds_entget(entname); //Get the resbuf for that object.

//Go through the object's resbuf...

for (templist=entlist;templist->rbnext!=NULL;templist=templist->rbnext)


if (templist->restype==62) //When it gets to the color

templist->resval.rint=240; //group, change it to 240.


sds_entmod(entlist); //Put the (modified) resbuf back

Programming Overview of SDS (Solutions Development System)


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