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int sds_angtos (double rangle, int format, int places, char *sangle);

Convert this absolute angle to a string, relative to angbase.

This function converts the angle rangle in radians to a string, known as *sangle. This is similar to the sds_angtos converts angles (rather than numbers) to strings.

The format argument represents the type of string to which sds_angtos will convert the given number. The following formats are available:

Format Code Meaning Example
0 Degrees 360d
1 Deg/Min/Sec 47d29'15"
2 Grads 132g
3 Radians 6.28r
4 Surveyor's Units N 82d W

The argument places represents the number of decimal places to which the angle in the string is displayed. To default to the current level of precision (as defined by system variable LUPREC), use -1.

The argument *sangle represents the given angle, converted to a string, according to format and number of decimal places.

This function returns RTNORM or an error code.


int format=0;

sds_real real1;

char string1[512];

sds_getreal("\nEnter radians to be converted to degrees: ",&real1);


sds_printf("\n%f radians equals %s degrees. ",real1,string1);


Enter radians to be converted to degrees: 1.570796

1.570796 radians equals 90 degrees.

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