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Revolved Surface

Toolbar: Draw 3D > Revolved Surface ()

Menu: Insert > 3D Entities > Revolved Surface

Keyboard: REVSURF

Experience Level: Advanced

Creates a three-dimensional polygon mesh that approximates a surface of revolution by rotating a curve around an axis. The curve sweeps around the selected axis to define the surface in the N direction of the mesh. To close the mesh in the N direction, select a circle or closed polyline as the curve.

If you select a polyline, the vector from the first vertex to the last determines the rotation axis. All other vertices are ignored. The M direction of the mesh is determined by the axis of revolution. You can use the SURFTAB2 system variable to define the N-direction mesh density of the revolved surface.



  1. Select the entity to revolve.
  2. Select the axis around which the entity revolves.


Select a linear entity to revolve: Select a line, arc, circle, or polyline.

Select the axis of revolution: Select a line or open polyline.

Angle to begin surface of revolution <0>: To accept the current setting, press Enter, or enter a new value. When you specify an angle, the surface of revolution begins at an offset from the generated curve path.

Degrees to revolve entity (+ for ccw, - for cw) <360>: To accept the current setting, press Enter, or enter a new value. To prevent the circle from closing, enter a value of less than 360°.

3D Entities

Create a revolved surface mesh

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