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Multiline Text

Toolbar: Draw 2D > Multiline Text ()

Menu: Insert > Multiline Text

Keyboard: MTEXT

Alias: T, MT

Creates paragraph text entities.

See Font Samples for a list of fonts available in progeCAD.



  1. Select the first corner for the block of text.
  2. Select the opposite corner.


To place a paragraph of text

Mtext: First corner for block of text: Specify the first corner to begin defining the area where you want the paragraph text to appear.

Justification Rotation Style Height Direction Width <Opposite corner for block of text>: Specify the second corner to define the area where you want the paragraph text to appear. To change the alignment, choose Justification. To change the angle of the text block, choose Rotation. To change the text style, choose Style. To change the height of the text, choose Height. To change the direction of the text block, choose Direction. To change the width of the text, choose Width.

After you select the insertion point for the paragraph text, the MText dialog box appears.

Dialog Box Options-Text tab

Font Select the text font, defined by the text style and created and managed with the Explorer Text Styles command.

Height Select or type the text height, which is measured in the linear units of the drawing defined with the Drawing Units tab on the Drawing Settings dialog box.

Bold/Italics/Underline Click to bold, italicize, and underline text.

Undo Click to undo the previous action.

Color Select BYBLOCK, BYLAYER, or the color of your choice. Choose Select Color to select from additional index colors, true colors, and color book colors in the Color dialog box.

Zoom Select or type the text zoom magnification, which increases or decreases the viewing size, not the actual text in the drawing.

Ruler Move the upper left arrow to define the first line indent. Move the lower left arrow to define the paragraph indent. Move the right arrow to define the right indent. Click in the ruler to add up to 32 tabs, move any tab marker to modify its location, and drag any tab off the ruler to delete it.

NOTE The Text tab settings apply to text that you highlight in the Multiline Text dialog box. If no text is highlighted, changes apply to new text when you type it in the Multiline Text dialog box.

Dialog Box Options-Properties tab

Style Select any predefined text style you have in your drawing. Text styles are created and managed with the Explorer Text Styles command

Justification Select the alignment to which the text will be justified when placed.

Width Select or type the paragraph block width, measured the linear units of the drawing.

Rotation Select or type the angle at which the paragraph will be rotated when placed.

Drawing Settings

Exploring Text Styles

Text (Paragraph)

Text (Single Line)

Create paragraph text

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