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Toolbar: Modify > Measure (ic_measure.gif)

Menu: Modify > Measure

Keyboard: MEASURE

Experience Level: Advanced

Divides a selected entity into segments by placing markers (points or blocks) at specified intervals along its length or circumference. The Measure command starts placing markers at the closest endpoint to where you select the entity.



  1. Select the entity you want to measure.


You can measure lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, polylines, and splines. You cannot measure elliptical arcs, rays, and infinite lines using this command. You measure a circle along its circumference starting from the Angle Base value defined using the Drawing Settings command. Therefore, if you set your Angle Base to zero, you begin measuring the circle from the 3 o'clock position. Measure polylines starting from their first vertex.

Use the Measure command to place points on an entity, and then use Delete command and choosing Previous Selection from the prompt box.

To place points at regular intervals along an entity

Select entity to measure: Select the entity along which you want to place points.

Blocks <Segment length>: Enter the length at which you want measurement points placed on the entity. To place blocks along each measurement point, choose Blocks.

TIP   To see the measurement points on the entity, change the settings for points. Choose Settings > Drawing Settings, and then click the Entity Creation tab.

To use blocks as the measurement points



  1. Select the entity you want to measure.
  2. Blocks placed along the entity to measure the intervals you select.


Choose Blocks.

? to list blocks in drawing <Block to insert>: Enter the name of the block you want to place, which must already exist in the drawing. To list the names of all blocks in the drawing, choose ?.

Align blocks with entity? <Y>: To force the block orientation to conform to the shape or angle of the selected entity, press Enter. For example, if you are measuring a circle, the orientation of the blocks is rotated about the center of the circle.



  1. Select the entity you want to measure.
  2. Blocks are aligned with the entity being measured.


To place blocks independent of the shape or angle of the selected entity, type N or choose No-Do not align.

Segment length: Enter the length at which you want the blocks placed along the entity, measured in the drawing units.



Drawing Settings


Divide entities into segments

Measure intervals on entities

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