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Drawing Settings - Coordinate Input tab


The Coordinate Input tab of the Drawing Settings dialog box controls the way you enter information, such as how you snap to entities and the reference grid, the size of the entity selection pickbox and snap aperture, as well as the drawing limits. From the Change Settings For list, choose Snap And Grid, Entity Snaps, Entity Selection, or Limits to set Coordinate Input defaults.


Draw Orthogonal Select to constrain your ability to draw to right angles and horizontal and vertical lines only (the default is off). You can toggle orthogonal mode on or off at any time by pressing F8.

Snap and Grid

Snap Settings Select to restrict cursor movement to specified increments (the default is off). Specify the x and y spacing; the default is 0.5 units. You can turn the snap on or off at any time by pressing F9.

Reference Grid Select to display the reference grid (the default is off). Specify the x and y spacing for the grid; the default is 0.5 units. If the spacing is set to 0, grid spacing becomes the same as snap spacing. You can turn the reference grid on or off at any time by pressing F7.

NOTE The grid is an array of dots used as an aid in drawing. Turning the grid on does not affect drawing output, because the grid is not printed. The extent of the grid display is constrained by the Drawing Limits.

Snap And Grid Settings Select Sync Grid To Snap to set the reference grid spacing equal to the current snap setting. This option is only available if you have both Snap and Show Grid turned on. To change the origin of the snap and grid, enter values for the x and y location. To change the angle of the snap and grid, select an angle of rotation (the default is 0 degrees).

NOTE It is common to display the grid at a multiple of the snap setting. For example, you can set the snap spacing to 0.1 units and the grid spacing to 1 unit.

NOTE The snap origin and rotation angle affect the placement of hatch patterns.

Isometric Snap and Grid Select to turn the isometric grid on (the default is off).

Isometric Crosshairs Select the initial isoplane: top, left (default), or right. You can change the isoplane at any time by pressing F5 or Ctrl+E.

Entity Snaps

Entity Snap Modes Select one or more entity snaps to control how entities are drawn.

Clear Click to turn all entity snaps off.

Entity Selection

Selection Select the methods you want active when you select entities.

Multi-Select Mode Allows you to select more than one entity at a time; for example you can hold down the Ctrl key and select several entities.

Window drag Selects entities when you drag the selection rectangle instead of you having to specify two points.

Auto window Uses window selection or crossing selection (depending on which way you move the cursor) if the program cannot find an entity at the selection point.

Pre-pick Allows you to select entities before you choose a command.

Entity Selection Pickbox Specify the size of the entity selection pickbox, which determines the area of the drawing that is searched for entities when you click in the drawing. The default is 3.

Entity Snap Aperture Specify the size of the entity snap aperture, which determines the area of the drawing that is searched for entities when you use an entity snap. The default is 10.

TIP A larger pickbox or aperture makes it easier to select an entity; however, you may accidentally select entities you do not want.


Drawing limits Specify the Upper Right and Lower Left x,y-coordinates to define the extent of the drawing area, or click Select to define the extent by specifying points in the drawing.

Select Click to specify the limits from the drawing.

Disallow input beyond limits Select to prevent drawing outside the limits (the default is off). This is the same as the Drawing Limits toggle.

The limits settings also affects the extent of the grid display, as well as the Zoom All command, by limiting the grid display and maximum zoom area to that of the drawing limits.

Apparent Intersection Snap

Center Snap

Clear Entity Snaps

Endpoint Snap

Entity Snap Precision

Entity Snap Settings

Entity Snaps

Insertion Point Snap

Intersection Snap

Midpoint Snap

Nearest Snap

Perpendicular Snap

Point Snap

Set the drawing limits

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