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Dimension Style

Toolbar: Dimensioning > Apply Style ()

Menu: Insert > Dimensions > Restore Style

Keyboard: DIMSTYLE


Experience Level: Advanced

Creates, changes, and saves dimension styles. After you enter the Dimension Style command, the program lists the name of the current dimension style, followed by the names of changed dimension variables. For example:

Current dimension style: STANDARD

Altered dimension style variables:



Dimension styles: ? to list styles Apply SAve STatus Variables <Restore>: To load an existing dimension style, press Enter. To list the names of dimension styles currently loaded into the drawing, choose ?. To apply the current dimension style to selected dimensions, choose Apply. To save the current dimension settings as a new style name, choose SAve. To list the current values of all dimension-related system variables, choose STatus. To compare variables of the current style with those of other style names, choose Variables.

To list currently loaded dimension styles

Choose ?

Dimension style(s) to list <*>: To list all dimension styles currently available, press Enter. Or enter a dimension style name. You can use ? (match any single character) and * (match all characters) wildcards, such as ISO* or DIN-?.

Named dimension styles: The program lists the available dimension styles, then exits the Dimension Style command. By default, every drawing contains the dimension style named STANDARD.

To apply the current dimension style to selected dimensions

Choose Apply

Select one or more dimensions to which to apply the current style. Doing this overrides any changes you may have made to the dimension, such as moving dimension text or changing an arrowhead. It also overrides the variable settings specified by another dimension style.

To save the current dimension variable settings as a style

Choose SAve

Save style: ? to list styles Name for new dimension style: To list the names of dimension styles available in the current drawing, enter ?. To store the current settings of dimension variables as a dimension style, enter a name. The name can be up to 31 alphanumeric characters.

Dimension style is now <name>. The name of the new dimension style is displayed and is now the current style.

To list dimension styles

? to list styles ENTER to select dimension <Dimension style>: To list the current settings of a dimension style, enter its name.

To list the names of dimension styles currently available, press ?. To set the current style based on a selected dimension, press Enter.

To list the settings of dimension variables of a selected dimension

Choose Enter.

Select dimension to use as current style: Select a dimension. The program lists all dimension variables and their current value. Following is an example of a partial listing:

Status of STANDARD




Dimension Edit

Dimension Override

Dimension Reposition Text

Dimension Settings

Create a dimension style

Display the progeCAD Explorer Dimension Styles element

Work with dimension styles

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