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Alias: DIM, DIM1

Dimensions drawing entities in a variety of ways.

Dimensioning command: Choose the dimensioning command you want from the prompt box, or type a dimensioning command. To exit dimensioning mode and return to the command bar, press the Esc key or type Exit.

While you are using dimensioning commands, you can also use the dimension-related commands listed in the following table. You do not need to type the letters "dim" preceding each command, and you can type an abbreviation of the command as shown here.

Command Abbreviation Explanation
Aligned AL Draws aligned linear dimension.
Angular AN Dimensions an angle.
Baseline B Continues a linear dimension from a base point.
Center CE Place a center mark.
Continue CO Continues a linear dimension.
Diameter D Diameter dimension.
Done DO Exit dimensioning mode.
Edit ED Edit dimension text and oblique lines.
Hometext HOM Returns dimension text to its default position.
Horizontal HOR Draws horizontal linear dimension.
Leader LEA Draws leader and text.
Newtext N Replace dimension text.
Oblique OB Oblique dimension lines.
Ordinate OR Ordinate dimensions.
Override OV Override dimension style.
Position P Reposition dimension text.
Radius RA Radius dimension.
Redraw RED Redraw the screen.
Restore RES Restores dimensions to the current style.
Rotated RO Draws rotated dimension.
Save SA Save dimension settings as a style.
Status STA Displays the status of dimension variables.
Style STY Selects another text style for dimension ext.
Trotate TR Rotates dimension text.
Undo U Undoes the last dimension command.
Update UP Apply dimension style to selected dimensions.
Variables VA List values of a specified dimension style.
Vertical VE Draw a vertical linear dimension.

Dimension Settings - Alternate Units tab

Dimension Settings - Arrows tab

Dimension Settings - Format tab

Dimension Settings - Lines tab

Dimension Settings - Text tab

Dimension Settings - Tolerance tab

Dimension Settings - Units tab

Creating dimensions

Understanding dimension styles and variables

Understanding dimensioning concepts

Control dimension format

Create angular dimensions

Create linear dimensions

Create ordinate dimensions

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