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Customize - Toolbars tab

Use this tab to create or modify toolbars.


Categories Toolbar icons are sorted by categories. Each category represents the name of a toolbar. Select a category, and then drag an icon out of the dialog box. The program creates a toolbar, called Toolbar 1, containing the button you selected. You can drag additional buttons into your new toolbar from any category.

Insert as Flyout If you want one or more additional buttons added as flyouts, check this box.

Buttons Displays the tools contained on that toolbar.

Options To change the options associated with the button you have created, click Options. The Toolbar Customization Options dialog box is displayed.

ToolTip Type a word or two that describes the command you want for the new button. The ToolTip appears when you pause the cursor over the button.

Help String Type a phrase that describes the command. The help string appears on the status line.

Command Type the command to be carried out when a user clicks the button. You can also type a macro (two or more commands), such as:


To create a new toolbar

Click the Toolbars tab.

A toolbar consists of a row of icons (small pictures) that identify its command. You can modify existing toolbars and create new toolbars.

Drag the tool onto your drawing screen, and then modify the options associated with the tool.

To specify options for toolbar customization

Click Options, select and modify the list of options, and then click OK to continue.


User Level Select the user levels with which you want this button associated: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. For example, if you check Beginner and Intermediate, this button will not appear when you select Advanced. If you check all three options, the button will appear for all three user levels.

MDI Window Select the number of drawing windows that must be open for this button to appear. Check At Least One Open for the button to appear only when at least one window is open. Check No Windows Open if you want the button to appear when no windows are open. Checking both options means the button will always appear.

ActiveX In-Place Activation Select the type of ActiveX editing that the button is to appear with. Check Server, Embedded if you want the button to appear during embedded server editing. Check Server, In-place if you want the button to appear during in-place server editing. Check Container if you want the button to appear during container editing.

Update parent image (Used only with flyouts.) When you select a button from a flyout, you have two options. To have the original button stay on top of the flyout, leave the box unchecked. To have the selected button appear on top of the flyout, check this box.

Button Bitmaps You select the bitmap (icon) displayed on the face of the button using the boxes here. You can specify buttons for four situations: small (default) or large buttons and color (default) or black-and-white buttons. Click the ellipses (...) button to load a BMP (raster bitmap) file via the Select Bitmap file dialog box. You can create BMP files for buttons using a raster editing program, such as Paint.

Pressed-state variable You can use this for toggle commands, such as OSMODE = 4 (center snap = on).

Grayed-state variable You can use this for toggle commands, such as FILLMODE = 0 (off).

Menus tab

Keyboard tab

Aliases tab

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