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progeCAD Commands

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3D Array 3DARRAY Creates multiple copies of entities in three dimensions.
3D Convert 3DCONVERT Converts three-dimensional solids to polyface meshes.
3D Entities 3D Draws three-dimensional surface primitives: box, cone, cylinder, dish, dome, mesh, sphere, pyramid, torus, and wedge.
3D Polyline 3DPOLY Draws a three-dimensional polyline with straight segments.


About ABOUT Displays the About progeCAD dialog box, which contains version and registration information.
ACIS In ACISIN Allows you to import ACIS files, which progeCAD can use to create body objects, solids, or regions.
ACIS Out ACISOUT Allows you to export ACIS entities such as surfaces, regions, and solids to an ACIS file in ASCII (SAT) format.
Align ALIGN Allows you to align selected entities with other entities in three-dimensional space.
Apparent Intersection Snap APPARENT Toggles the Apparent Intersection snap on or off.
Arc ARC Draws an arc of any size.
Area AREA Calculates the area of entities or calculates defined areas.
Array ARRAY Creates multiple copies of entities in either a rectangular (rows and columns) pattern or a polar (circular) pattern.
Attach Image IMAGEATTACH Attaches images to a drawing.
Attribute Definition ATTDEF Creates an Attribute Definition entity for informational text that you want associated with a block definition.
Attribute Display ATTDISP Shows all attributes, none, or those normally visible.
Attribute Extract ATTEXT Extracts attribute data from a drawing.
Audio Note AUDIONOTE Creates, plays, and deletes sound clips.
Audit AUDIT Checks the current drawing for errors.


Backgrounds BACKGROUNDS Creates a backdrop for your model when you render it using the Full Render command.
Base Point BASE Sets the base point for inserting this drawing into another drawing.
Block BLOCK Forms a single compound entity from a group of entities.
Boundary Hatch BHATCH Applies cross-hatching and pattern-filling to closed entities within specified boundaries
Boundary Polyline BPOLY Creates a boundary polyline from a closed loop.
Box BOX Draws a three-dimensional box.
Break BREAK Erases part of an entity, or splits an entity into two entities.
Browser BROWSER Starts your Web browser at a location that you specify.


Calculator CAL Displays the standard Windows Calculator.
Center Snap CENTER Toggles the Center snap on or off.
Chamfer CHAMFER Creates a chamfer, or beveled edges, at the intersection of two lines.
Change CHANGE Changes the location, size, color, elevation, layer, linetype, linetype scale, and thickness of selected entities.
Change Properties CHPROP Changes the properties of selected entities.
Circle CIRCLE Draws a circle of any size.
Clear Entity Snaps NONE Turns all Entity Snaps off.
Clip Image IMAGECLIP Clips images so that only a portion of the image is visible in a drawing.
Close Drawing CLOSE Closes the active drawing window without exiting the program.
Code Page Manager CODEPAGE Displays the Code Page Manager dialog box so you can specify character sets.
Color COLOR Establishes the color for all entities that you draw after you select the command.
Command Bar CMDBAR Turns the command bar on and off; when on, this command positions the command bar.
Cone CONE Draws a three-dimensional cone.
Convert CTB Print Style Table COVERTCTB Converts a color-dependent print style table to a named print style table.
Convert Drawing Print Style Tables COVERTPSTYLES Changes the type of print style table used by the current drawing.
Coons Surface EDGESURF Draws a three-dimensional polygon mesh with vertices averaged between four edges.
Coordinate COORDINATE Changes the coordinate display on the status line: on, off, and relative coordinates.
Copy Entity COPY Draws a duplicate of the selected entities.
Copy Entity Data COPYEDATA Copies the entity data of the selected entities.
Copy Entity Formatting MATCHPROP Copies the properties from one entity to another.
Copy History COPYHIST Copies the text of the Prompt History window to the Windows Clipboard.
Copy to Clipboard COPYCLIP Copies the selection to the Windows Clipboard.
Customize CUSTOMIZE Displays the Customize dialog box.
Cut to Clipboard CUTCLIP Cuts (removes) the selection from your drawing and places it on the Windows Clipboard.
Cylinder CYLINDER Draws a three-dimensional cylinder.


Database List DBLIST Lists the database information for every entity in the current drawing.
Define Attributes DDATTDEF Displays the Define Attribute dialog box so you can define attributes (informational text) associated with a block.
Define View DVIEW Dynamically defines parallel or visual perspective views.
Delay DELAY Delays carrying out the next command for a specified time.
Delete DELETE Deletes selected entities from your drawing.
Delete Entity Data DELEDATA Deletes Entity Data.
Dimension DIMENSION Places progeCAD in the dimension mode.
Dimension Aligned DIMALIGNED Adds dimensions that are aligned to entities.
Dimension Angular DIMANGULAR Annotates the angle between two selected entities.
Dimension Baseline DIMBASELINE Continues a linear, angular, or ordinate dimension from a previous dimension.
Dimension Center Lines DIMCENTER Places a marker at the center of a circle or an arc.
Dimension Continue DIMCONTINUE Continues a dimension.
Dimension Diameter DIMDIAMETER Measures the diameter of a circle or an arc.
Dimension Edit DIMEDIT Edits dimension lines and text.
Dimension Leader DIMLEADER Draws a line, or sequence of lines, for controlled placement of dimension text.
Dimension Linear DIMLINEAR Adds horizontal or vertical dimensions to entities.
Dimension Ordinate DIMORDINATE Adds coordinate point dimensions.
Dimension Override DIMOVERRIDE Overrides the style settings for a given set of dimensions.
Dimension Radius DIMRADIUS Measures the radius of a circle or an arc.
Dimension Reposition Text DIMTEDIT Defines the position and angle of dimension text.
Dimension Rotated DIMLINEAR Adds horizontal and vertical dimensions to entities.
Dimension Settings SETDIM Displays the Dimension Settings dialog box so you can create and modify dimension styles.
Dimension Style DIMSTYLE Creates, changes, and saves dimension styles.
Dish DISH Draws a three-dimensional hemisphere.
Display Image Frame IMAGEFRAME Turns image frames on or off for all images in the drawing.
Distance DIST Measures the distance and angle between two points.
Divide DIVIDE Places markers along a selected entity.
Dome DOME Draws a three-dimensional hemisphere.
Donut DONUT OR DOUGHNUT Draws a filled circle or flat ring created as a polyline.
Dragmode DRAGMODE Switches the dragged-entity display between on, off, and auto.
Draw Order DRAWORDER Changes the order in which entities are drawn and printed.
Drawing Settings SETTINGS Displays the Drawing Settings dialog box so you can define various drawing settings.
DXF In DXFIN Displays the Load DXF File dialog box so you can import a Drawing Interchange File.
DXF Out DXFOUT Displays the Select DXF File dialog box so you can export a Drawing Interchange File.


Edit Attribute ATTEDIT Edits the attribute text associated with blocks.
Edit Block Attributes DDATTE Displays the Edit Block Attributes dialog box so you can edit the attributes associated with a block.
Edit Entity Data EDITEDATA Edits the Extended Entity Data of an entity.
Edit Length EDITLEN Changes the length of an open-ended entity or the included angle of an arc.
Edit Polyline EDITPLINE Edits polyline entities.
Edit Text DDEDIT Modifies the properties of selected text entities.
Elevation ELEVATION Changes the elevation and thickness of future entities that you draw.
Ellipse ELLIPSE Draws ellipses.
Elliptical Arc ELLIPSE Draws elliptical arcs.
Endpoint Snap ENDPOINT Toggles the Endpoint snap on or off.
Entity Snap Precision APERTURE Sets the selection area for snapping to entities.
Entity Snap Settings SETESNAP Displays the Drawing Settings dialog box so you can change the Entity Snaps.
Entity Snaps ESNAP Locates points precisely on reference points of entities.
Exit EXIT Exits progeCAD.
Explode EXPLODE Ungroups a block, polyline, or hatch, creating separate entities for each element.
Explore Blocks EXPBLOCKS Displays the Drawing Explorer so you can view, create, copy, or edit blocks.
Explore Coordinate Systems EXPUCS Displays the Drawing Explorer so you can view, create, copy, or edit user coordinate systems definitions.
Explore Dimension Styles EXPDIMSTYLES Displays the Drawing Explorer with the Dimension Styles element selected. You can cut, copy, and paste dimension styles from one drawing to another.
Explore Layers EXPLAYERS Displays the Drawing Explorer so you can view, create, copy, or edit layers.
Explore Linetypes EXPLTYPES Displays the Drawing Explorer so you can view, create, copy, or edit linetypes.
Explorer EXPLORER Displays the Drawing Explorer so you can view, create, copy, or edit layers, linetypes, blocks, text styles, views, and coordinate system definitions.
Explore Text Styles EXPFONTS Displays the Drawing Explorer so you can view, create, copy, or edit fonts.
Explore Views EXPVIEWS Displays the Drawing Explorer so you can view, create, or edit views.
Export EXPORT Displays the Export Drawing File As dialog box so you can export the drawing to a selected file type.
Extend EXTEND Lengthens a line, arc, or polyline to meet another entity.
External Reference XREF Temporarily adds external drawings to a current drawing, without changing their content.
Extract Attributes DDATTEX Displays the Attribute Extract dialog box so you can extract attribute data (informational text) to a DXF or TXT file on disk.
Extrude EXTRUDE Creates a three-dimensional solid by lengthening a closed entities along a path or to a specified height.
Extruded Surface TABSURF Creates a polygon mesh approximating a general tabulated surface defined by a path and a direction vector.


Face FACE Draws a planar surface defined by three or four points.
Fill FILL Controls whether solids and wide polylines are automatically filled when displayed and output.
Fillet FILLET Constructs an arc between two lines, arcs, circles, infinite lines, rays, or polylines.
Filter FILTER Prompts you to select entities to include in the selection set.
Flatten FLATTEN Flattens three-dimensional entities to two dimensions.
Font FONT Creates or changes current text fonts (styles).
Freehand FREEHAND Draws a line entity using segments of a predetermined length.
Full Render FULLRENDER Creates a photorealistic image of your model, complete with light sources, shadows, surface material properties, and reflections.


Graphics Screen GRAPHSCR Switches between the Prompt History window and the drawing window.
Grid GRID Displays a grid of dots on the screen used for visual reference.
Group GROUP Creates and modifies groups of entities in your drawing.


Help HELP Displays context-sensitive online Help for the current command.
Hide HIDE Regenerates a three-dimensional visualization with hidden lines removed.
Hyperlink HYPERLINK Allows you to attach hyperlinks to drawing entities.


ID Coordinates IDPOINT Displays the user coordinate system coordinates of a specified point.
Image About IMAGE Displays the version number for the image features.
Image Adjust IMAGEADJUST Allows you to modify brightness, contrast, and fade image settings.
Image Manager IMAGE Allows you to attach, unload, reload, detach, and change the path of images.
Image Quality IMAGEQUALITY Changes the display quality of all images in a drawing to high quality or draft quality.
Import IMPORT Displays the Open Drawing dialog box so you can import another drawing file into the current drawing.
Infinite Line INFLINE Draws an infinite line in both directions from a specified starting point.
Insert INSERT Inserts a copy of a previously drawn block entity into the current drawing.
Insert Block DDINSERT Displays the Insert dialog box so you can insert a block or another drawing into the current drawing.
Insert Object INSERTOBJ Displays the Insert Object dialog box so you can insert an ActiveX object into the drawing.
Insertion Point Snap INSERTION Toggles the Insertion snap on or off.
Interfere INTERFERE Creates a composite three-dimensional solid from the interference, or common volume, of two or more solids.
Intersect INTERSECT Creates a composite solid or region from the intersection of two or more solids or regions. Areas outside of the intersection are removed.
Intersection Snap INTERSECTION Toggles the Intersection snap on or off.
Isometric Plane ISOPLANE When the isometric grid is turned on, toggles the isometric plane between left, right, and top.


Join JOIN Joins two entities (two or more lines, or two or more arcs) into one entity.




Layer LAYER Creates named drawing layers and assigns color and linetype properties to those layers.
Layout LAYOUT Allows you to create, delete, and rename layouts, set a layout as the current layout, and list layouts.
Layout Viewports MVIEW Creates and controls viewpoints.
Lighting LIGHTING Defines light sources and effects that will illuminate your model when you render it using the Full Render command.
Limits LIMITS Changes the drawing boundaries and controls checking of those boundaries for the current space.
Line LINE Draws straight lines of any length.
Linetype LINETYPE Defines linetypes (sequences of alternating line segments, dots, and spaces), loads them from libraries, and sets the current linetype.
Linetype Scale LTSCALE Sets the scale factor you want applied to all linetypes within the drawing.
Links OLELINKS Lists, updates, and modifies linked objects within a drawing file.
List Entity Information LIST Lists the database information for selected entities.
Load Application APPLOAD Displays the Load Application Files dialog box so you can load LISP and SDS programs that do not automatically load.
Load LOAD Loads a compiled shape file (.SHX) that defines shapes.
Log File Name LOGFILENAME Names the file you want created when you use LOGFILEON to save information in the Prompt History window.
Log File Off LOGFILEOFF Closes the text file created with LOGFILEON.
Log File On LOGFILEON Writes all commands and prompts in the Prompt History window to a text file.


Mail MAIL Activates a mail program so you can send an progeCAD drawing file via electronic mail.
Make Snapshot MSNAPSHOT Displays the Snapshot to Create dialog box so you can create a slide file from the current display.
Marker Blips BLIPMODE Turns marker specification points on and off.
Massprop MASSPROP Calculates the mass properties of regions or solids.
Materials MATERIALS Assigns material properties to entities, enhancing the visual appearance of the model when you render it with the Full Render command.
Measure MEASURE Places markers at specified intervals along a selected entity.
Menu MENU Displays the Open Menu dialog box so you can load menu files (.mnu).
Menu Load MENULOAD Displays the Customize dialog box so you can customize the current menu file.
Menu Unload MENUUNLOAD Displays the Customize dialog box so you can unload partial menu files.
Midpoint Snap MIDPOINT Toggles the Midpoint snap on or off.
Mirror MIRROR Reflects entities through a line.
Mirror 3D MIRROR3D Reflects entities through a plane.
Model Space Toggle MSPACE Switches to model space.
Move MOVE Moves designated entities to another location in the same drawing.
Move Entity Data MOVEEDATA Moves entity data.
Multiline Text MTEXT Creates paragraph text.
Multiple MULTIPLE Repeats the next command until you cancel it.
Multiple Insert MINSERT Inserts multiple copies of a block in a rectangular pattern.


Nearest Snap NEAREST Toggles the Nearest snap on or off.
New Drawing NEW Creates a new drawing.
New Drawing Wizard NEWWIZ Displays the New Drawing Wizard, which allows you to create a new drawing.


Onweb ONWEB Allows you to access a company Web site.
Open Drawing OPEN Displays the Open Drawing dialog box so you can open an existing drawing.
Open External Drawing OPENEXT Loads a DWG file into memory without opening it in progeCAD.
Options CONFIG Displays the Options dialog box so you can specify the default settings (such as Experience Level, Axis Color, and Search Paths).
Orthogonal ORTHOGONAL Constrains the drawing so that you can enter only lines aligned with the grid.


Pan PAN Moves the display window.
Paper Space Toggle PSPACE Switches to paper space.
Parallel PARALLEL Creates offset curves and parallel lines.
Paste from Clipboard PASTECLIP Pastes the contents of the Windows Clipboard into the current drawing.
Paste Special PASTESPEC Inserts data from the Windows Clipboard into the current drawing.
Perpendicular Snap PERPENDICULAR Toggles the Perpendicular snap on or off.
Plan View PLAN Places the display in plan view (V point 0,0,1) relative to either the current user coordinate system (UCS), a specified UCS, or the World Coordinate System.
Plane PLANE Draws a solid, two-dimensional surface.
Point POINT Draws single point entities.
Point Snap NODE Toggles the Point Snap on or off.
Polyface Mesh PFACE Creates a three-dimensional mesh of arbitrary complexity and surface characteristics.
Polygon POLYGON Draws polygons with a specified number of sides.
Polygon Mesh MESH Defines a three-dimensional polygon mesh by specifying its size (in terms of M and N) and the location of each vertex in the mesh.
Polyline POLYLINE Draws two-dimensional polylines (connected line and arc segments) with optional width and taper.
Preset Viewpoints SETVPOINT Displays the Preset Viewpoints dialog box so you can change the direction in which three-dimensional entities are viewed.
Print PRINT Displays the Print dialog box so you can print the current drawing.
Print Preview PPREVIEW Displays the Print dialog box so you can preview the current drawing before you print it.
Print Setup PSETUP Displays the Print Setup dialog box so you can set options for printing the current drawing.
Print Style PRINTSTYLE Sets the current print style for new entities or changes the print style for selected entities.
Print Styles Manager STYLESMANAGER Displays the default folder that stores print style tables.
Prompt History Window PMTHIST Displays the Prompt History window.
Properties ENTPROP Displays the current settings for selected entities and allows you to modify them.
Purge PURGE Clears the drawing file of unused drawing elements.
Pyramid PYRAMID Draws a three-dimensional pyramid.


Quadrant Snap QUADRANT Toggles the Quadrant snap on or off.
Quick Print QPRINT Prints the contents of the active viewport.
Quick Save QSAVE Saves the current drawing.
Quick Snap QUICK Toggles the Quick snap on or off.
Quick Text QTEXT Turns Quick Text on or off; when on, text is displayed as placeholder boxes, rather than as characters or words.


Ray RAY Draws an infinite line in one direction from a specified starting point.
Real-Time Pan RTPAN Allows you to pan the drawing in real time.
Real-Time Sphere RTROT Allows you to rotate the view of entities in real time.
Real-Time X RTROTX Allows you to rotate the view of entities in real time while maintaining the x-axis.
Real-Time Y RTROTY Allows you to rotate the view of entities in real time while maintaining the y-axis.
Real-Time Z RTROTZ Allows you to rotate the view of entities in real time while maintaining the z-axis.
Real-Time Zoom RTZOOM Allows you to enlarge or reduce the display of the drawing in real time.
Reassociate Entity Data REASSOCAPP Associates programs with entity data.
Record Script RECSCRIPT Displays the Record Script dialog box so you can record a script file.
Recover RECOVER Opens and fixes a drawing that you suspect is damaged.
Rectangle RECTANGLE Draws a rectangle.
Redefine REDEFINE Restores a built-in command deleted by UNDEFINE.
Redo REDO Reverses an UNDO command. You must use the UNDO command before you can use the REDO command.
Redraw REDRAW Redraws the entire display, erasing any marker blips that were visible.
Redraw All REDRAWALL Redraws all viewports.
Regenerate REGEN Regenerates the current viewports.
Regenerate All REGENALL Regenerates all viewports.
Regenerate Automatically REGENAUTO Automatically regenerates a drawing.
Region REGION Creates a three-dimensional solid from an existing two-dimensional entity.
Rename RENAME Changes the names associated with text styles, layers, linetypes, blocks, views, user coordinate systems, viewport configurations, and dimension styles.
Render RENDER Removes hidden lines, and then shades the surface as though it were illuminated from multiple light sources.
Render Settings SETRENDER Defines settings for rendering images, such as smoothing, base materials, and shadow resolution.
Restart Script RSCRIPT Restarts a command script from the beginning.
Resume RESUME Resumes an interrupted command script.
Revolve REVOLVE Creates a three-dimensional solid by revolving an existing two-dimensional entities about a selected axis, line, polyline, or two points.
Revolved Surface REVSURF Creates a three-dimensional polygon mesh approximating a surface of revolution by rotating a curve around a selected axis.
Rotate ROTATE Rotates existing entities around a specified rotation point.
Rotate 3D ROTATE3D Rotates existing entities around a three-dimensional axis.
Ruled Surface RULESURF Creates a three-dimensional polygon mesh approximating a ruled surface between two curves.
Run Script SCRIPT Displays the Run Script dialog box, allowing a script command to be carried out.


Save SAVE Displays the Save Drawing File As dialog box so you can save the current drawing. You can also save the drawing using a different name.
Save All SAVEALL Saves all open drawings.
Save As SAVEAS Displays the Save Drawing File As dialog box so you can save the current drawing.
Save Block WBLOCK Displays the Save Block as Drawing/Block dialog box so you can save selected entities to a disk file.
Scale SCALE Changes the size of entities proportionally.
Scroll Bars SCROLLBAR Turns the scroll bars around the drawing window on or off.
Section SECTION Creates a cross section through a solid as a region or block.
Select SELECT Groups entities into a selection set for use in subsequent commands.
Select All SELGRIPS Displays the grips of selected entities.
Select Color SETCOLOR Displays the Color dialog box so you can change the color in which subsequent entities are drawn.
Set Layer by Entity SETLAYER Sets a new layer as the current layer.
Set UCS SETUCS Displays the user coordinate systems dialog box so you can select the current UCS from the list of preset definitions.
Shade SHADE Shades models in the current viewport.
Shape SHAPE Allows you to insert shapes from a compiled shape file (.SHX) into your drawing.
Single Session SINGLETON Allows you to determine whether progeCAD can be started one time or multiple times simultaneously.
Slice SLICE Creates a new entity by cutting the original entity and removing a specific side.
Snap SNAP Restricts cursor movement to specified increments.
Solids Editing SOLIDEDIT Modifies three-dimensional solids.
Sphere SPHERE Draws a three-dimensional spherical entity.
Spline SPLINE Draws a curved polyline.
Status STATUS Displays all dimensioning variables and their current values in the Prompt History window.
Status Bar STATBAR Turns the status at the bottom of the window on or off.
Stop Recording STOPSCRIPT Stops the recording of scripts.
Stretch STRETCH Moves a portion of a drawing while retaining connections to other parts of the drawing.
Subtract SUBTRACT Creates a composite three-dimensional solid by subtracting two or more solids.
System Windows SYSWINDOWS Rearranges open drawing windows and icons.


Tablet TABLET Controls tablet configuration and calibration for menu and digitizer input.
Tangent Snap TANGENT Toggles the Tangent snap on or off.
Text (Paragraph) DTEXT Creates text entities.
Text (Single Line) TEXT Creates text in the drawing area.
Thickness THICKNESS Sets the thickness for all new entities.
Time Variables TIME Displays the drawing creation and update times; also permits control of an elapsed timer.
Tip of the Day TIPOFDAY Displays the Tip of the Day dialog box.
Tolerance TOLERANCE Displays the Geometric Tolerance dialog box so you can define the maximum allowable geometric variations in the current drawing.
Toolbar TOOLBAR Displays or hides toolbars.
Toolbar Configuration TBCONFIG Displays the Select Toolbars dialog box so you can select the toolbars you want displayed. You can also specify how tools are displayed in the toolbars.
Torus TORUS Draws a three-dimensional torus.
Transparency TRANSPARENCY Turns transparency on or off for the selected image.
Trim TRIM Erases the portions of selected entities that cross a specified boundary.


UCS UCS Defines or modifies the current user coordinate system; see also EXPUCS.
UCS Icon UCSICON Turns the display of the UCS icon on or off.
Undefine UNDEFINE Allows a command defined by another program to override an progeCAD command.
Undelete UNDELETE Restores erased entities.
Undo U Reverses the effect of the previous command.
Undo Multiple UNDO Reverses the effect of the previous command; also reverses the effect of multiple commands and provides control of the UNDO command.
Union UNION Creates a composite three-dimensional solid by combining two or more solids.
Units UNITS Selects coordinate and angle display formats and precision.
URL URL Allows you to go to a Uniform Resource Locator (URL).


Variable Settings SETVAR Displays or changes system variables.
VBA Add-In Manager VBALOAD


Manages the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programs.
VBA Run Macros VBARUN Displays the Macros dialog for you to define a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro.
View Control VIEWCTL Displays the View Control dialog box so you can dynamically control the viewports.
View Resolution VIEWRES Controls the precision and speed of drawing circles and arcs by specifying the number of sides in a circle.
View Save/Restore VIEW Saves the current graphics display and space as a named view, or restores a saved view and space to the display.
View Snapshot VSNAPSHOT Displays the View Snapshot dialog box so you can view a previously created slide file.
Viewpoint VIEWPOINT Selects the viewpoint for a three-dimensional visualization.
Viewport Layer Control VPLAYER Controls the visibility of layers in individual viewports.
Viewports VIEWPORTS Divides the graphics display into multiple viewports, each of which can contain a different view of the current drawing.
Visual Basic Editor VBA Starts the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) program and displays the VBA window.
VML Out VMLOUT Generates a file that can be viewed in a Web browser.


Wedge WEDGE Draws a three-dimensional wedge.
Window Cascade WCASCADE Cascades the open drawing windows.
Window Close WCLOSE Closes the active drawing window.
Window Close All WCLOSEALL Closes all drawing windows.
Window Icon Arrange WIARRANGE Arranges the minimized drawing windows so that all drawings are located at the bottom right corner of the program window.
Window New WOPEN Opens an additional window containing the current drawing.
Window Tile Horizontally WHTILE Horizontally tiles the open drawing windows.
Window Tile Vertically WVTILE Vertically tiles the open drawing windows.
Wipeout WIPEOUT Creates wipeout entities and turns their frames on or off.
WMF Out WMFOUT Exports a Windows metafile.
Workspaces PMSPACE Displays the Workspaces dialog box, from which you can create viewports and select the type of workspace in which you want to work.


Xref Clip XCLIP Defines a clipping boundary after you attach a drawing as an external reference.
Xref Manager Xref Manager Allows you to manage external drawings that you have in the current drawing, without changing their content.
Xref Layer Visibility VISRETAIN Saves modifications to external reference layers.




Zoom ZOOM Enlarges or reduces the display of the active drawing.

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